I have totally no words for how amazing this experience was for me. This is the most amazing weekend of my whole life, it makes me cry. It wasn’t just about corsetry itself, it was about friendship and positive vibes and, for me, a real motivation to don’t give up and dream big. I didn’t understand everything, but I enjoyed so much, all the people that I met were so kind with me, and helped me even if to understand me was so difficult as I didn’t find the correct words to express myself. THANKS THANKS THANKS. I can’t wait to book for next year.
— Cristina Aielli

I had amazing time this weekend! I met so many nice and creative people and I have learned so much! Thank you all for making the weekend unforgettable.
— Sannie van der Horst
Just to say what an amazing time I had in Oxford. Thank you to Julia and the team for making this happen. It was such a pleasure to meet everyone, fellow makers, the gorgeous models, fantastic photographers, Ian , Barbara Steph, Autumn and Fiona who were all willing to share their knowledge with us. The fantastic Immodesty Blaize and of course the Legend that is Mr Pearl ( who I was desperately trying to steal and take home with me ) I have had the most incredible time and can’t wait to meet you all again. Is it too early to start planning next years corset ?????
— Sara Homeshaw
Going to OCOC was the best decision I ever made! Thank you all so much for making it as wonderful as it has been for me. What a ride! And hopefully until next year!
— Joni Steinmann
It’s not all about the corset, it’s about the people behind that. I was soo lucky to be a part of this epic event, i will remember each moment, chat and laught in my heart. I will miss everything. Thank you ... ALL
— Alice Pasquini
This weekend completely blew me away. I don’t even know how to go back to my regular life now.
— Cora Harrington
The weekend was absolutely incredible. It was lovely getting to meet so many people and my only regret is that I didn’t get to meet all of you as there was so many of us! Obviously the classes and lectures were overwhelming in the best way possible and I think I’ll still be processing the wonder of it all for quite some time.
A big thanks to Julia and her team for another great event.
— Lowana O'Shea
The conference of corsetry is definitely the highlight of my year, thank you so much for having me, and making such beautiful things to wear and for being amazing ❤
— Patricia Belda Martinez

BANNER PIC CREDIT: Corset by Emiah Couture. Modelled by Liv Free. Copyright InaGlo Photography 2015