Terms and Conditions of Booking

The Oxford Conference of Corsetry (the event) is a two day residential event taking place from 24-25 August 2019 and is, administrated and funded by Sew Curvy Limited, a company registered in England, no 08391896.  

The price for Conference is GBP725.00. This includes all events in the programme, accommodation on Saturday night, and all meals and refreshments during the period of the conference, venue hire and all talks and workshops.  Handling fees are applied to cover exchange rate variations and administration. 

The price of registration does not include travel or accommodation either side of the event, wine, drinks in the bar on Saturday night or the cost of modelling slots and photographs.

Participants wishing to attend the conference should complete the booking form with correct details.  It is the responsibility of registrants to check and read all communications from the administration including emails (check junk folders), letters, invoices, social media posts and other forms of given information.  We cannot be held responsible if you do not receive email correspondence regarding the event if you have given us incorrect details or if those emails have been diverted to spam folders.  If you do not receive communications please get in touch as it means something has gone wrong.  Instalment Invoices will be sent out on receipt of booking.  Details given on the registration form must be correct.  If the admin staff are unable to contact you or receive payment, your place will be cancelled without notice. 

Payment is by direct bank transfer (BACS) or by credit/debit card via Stripe.  In order to keep costs as low as possible, payment by instalments will incur a handling charge to cover administration and exchange rate fees.  If paying by bank transfer, all fees must be borne by the customer.

Direct bank payments must be in pounds sterling and any bank charges incurred must be paid by the registrant.  If bank fees are not paid, the registrant will receive an invoice with admin charge of 5% applied.

There are a number of ways to pay for your place at the Conference.

  1. Whole amount by Stripe or Direct Bank Transfer in sterling @ £725.00 or £700 before 31 January 2019

  2. Up to 4 instalments + handling fees (early bird rates shown in brackets) payable by Stripe or Standing Order. Registrants may pick one of the following payment options:

  • 4 instalments of £190.25 (£183.50) includes a 5% handling fee - total is £761.25 (£735.00)

  • 3 instalments of 248.66 (£240.33) includes a 3% handling fee - total is £746.00 (£721.00)

  • 2 instalments of £371.50 (£358.50) includes a 2.5% handling fee - total is £743.00 (£717.00)

An initial payment will book a place on the conference and lock you into the early bird rate even if your payments go beyond 31 January 2019. 

  • After the initial instalment is paid full payment details will be given to the registrant via email. Instalment rates are set and cannot be altered.

  • All final payments must be paid by end June 2019.

  • Places are reserved but not guaranteed until full payment is made. Please read the Terms and Conditions in full before committing.

Cancellation policy

We are contracted to a certain number of places by the venue. After 1 June, we have to pay for those places whether they are used or not. We therefore have to apply a very strict cancellation policy as follows:

  • Cancellation up to 31 May 2019 will incur a 20% admin fee*  

  • Cancellation from 1 June-30 June 2019 will incur a 50% admin fee*  

  • Places cancelled after 30 June 2019 are non-refundable*

* refunds and admin fees apply after Stripe fees have been deducted as applicable - please note that if you pay from a Euro bank account there may be exchange rate discrepancies.  This is not the responsibility of Sew Curvy Limited.  Refunds will be sent in sterling for the amount received as detailed in the terms and conditions..

Whilst every effort will be made to accommodate the needs and requirements of all guests, the organiser cannot guarantee that all special requirements can be met.

Shoot slots are subject to separate terms and conditions in addition which will be communicated to participants prior to booking slots before the event. Shoot slots are not included in the conference price.

All workshops, presentations and images pertaining to Oxford Conference of Corsetry are subject to copyright - you may not distribute material taken from the programme. Video is generally not allowed. Please seek permission and clarification on our video policy with the Organisers beforehand. Video taken of delegates to promote other businesses is strictly prohibited. 

Sale and promotion of goods and services at the Event which are in direct competition with the business of the Event, its sponsors, Sewcurvy.com or Sew Curvy Limited, is prohibited

There is limited disabled access at the Venue.  For further details, click here.

There is no parking at Jesus College - please do not bring your car expecting a car parking space because there will not be one. There are park and ride facilities surrounding the city, details of which are on our information page for registered attendees.

There are no facilities for children - delegates may not bring children or infants to the conference.  There is no provision for partners at the conference and partners/friends/associates are not invited to the Gala dinner.

If registrations do not meet the minimum numbers required to make the conference viable by end of April 2019, the Conference will be cancelled and refunds issued.  

In the event of the cancellation of the event by the Organisers, registration fees will be refunded in full (less Stripe fees and exchange rate fluctuations).

The Conference Organisers are not liable for travel booked in lieu of cancellation of the event due to lack of numbers.

Sew Curvy Limited.  Registered office:  23 Queen Street, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, OX29 4HH. 

These terms and conditions are protected by copyright law.  Copyright: Julia Bremble, Sew Curvy Ltd. 2014-2019

BANNER PIC CREDIT: Merton College Copyright Serinde Corsets 2015