Registration form for all OCOC19 delegates

If you have arrived at this page, you have booked a place at OCOC19. Please complete this form as soon as possible so that we have your details and can cater for your requirements. You will need your booking reference number from your booking confirmation.

All logistical information for the conference - how to get there and what to bring, can be found by clicking HERE.

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If you are better known by your company name or your nickname, please write it here. This is for the Conference badge.
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We will try our best to accommodate very special diets but cannot guaranteed very specialised requirements
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Accommodation is either en-suite or two rooms sharing one bathroom. Please state your preference.
If there is somebody specific you would like to share with, please state here. We will do our best to accommodate requests.
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Oxford colleges have many steps and staircases, we will do our best to accommodate your special requirements.
Modelling slots *
We have 6 models and 3 photographers for OCOC2017. Please indicate whether you will require a slot. Slots will be 40 minutes long, and lingerie slots are indoors. Modelling slots will be allocated early in 2016 and registrants who have requested one will be contacted separately by email.
Would you like to present a poster? *
A poster is a capsule of a particular aspect of your work, broken down as research into bullet points and illustrations. You present your poster in a 20 minute slot in front of interested parties. You may wish to present an aspect of your work - perhaps a special method you have discovered - or you may want to present a description of how you made a particular corset. Guidelines will be given to all interested parties, we just need an indication of interest at this stage. Poster slots will be limited to fit in with the programme.
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BANNER IMAGE CREDIT: Corset by Emiah, modelled by Liv Free. Copyright InaGlo Photography 2015