Not on one strand are all life’s jewels strung.
— William Morris
Chris Murray photographs Morgana on the Second Quad at Jesus

Chris Murray photographs Morgana on the Second Quad at Jesus

On the second day of the conference is the timetable of photo shoots. This gives you the opportunity to have your work shot on one of our wonderful corset models by our talented photographers.

You'll have access to locations around the college, both inside and out. A location that would be impossible to access otherwise.   Our mini shoots allow you to have a taster shoot in a unique and beautiful location, without all the stress, hassle and the often substantial cost of setting it all up yourself.

You'll also have the opportunity to network with the models and photographers so that you can go on to work with them independently in the future if you choose.

Our phogotraphers for 2019 are

Chris Murray who has been with us since the very beginning

Tigz Rice who has been with us for 2 of the events - 2109 will be her third.

Emma Finch of Belle Privé Photography who is joining us this year for the first time.

All of our photographers are seasoned pro’s who produce incredible images in this very unique world class location.

2019 Models

We have a fabulous selection of professional models for 2019 many of whom you will have seen modelling for top corset brands and designers! Now conference delegates will have the chance to see these gorgeous girls in their work!

Meet our gorgeous models from past conferences

We have new models each year with some old favourites. But we thought you'd like to see all our stunning girls together. Kelly Bakewell (2017), Miss Tosh (2017), Miss Deadly Red (2015), Gingerface (2015), It's Jess (2015), Liv Free (2014, 2015), Ella Rose (2014, 2015), Evie Wolfe (2014, 2015, Victoria Dagger (2013)


Chris Murray

Chris Murray is a London based photographer specialising in natural portraiture. His work usually focused toward fashion editorial or fine art in theme. He aims to blend state of the art technology and modern techniques with traditional and nostalgic subtleties.

He is known predominately for his ‘blank expression’ and candid photography, always aiming to capture beautiful, delicate images with integrity. He is not a fan of overly posed photography. His goal for his photography is to produce intelligent work that is appreciated by both men and women.
Often described as a very technical photographer. His background is rooted in film. Chris values the traditional approach to photography , quoting:

“A good photographer chooses their use of light carefully. I aim to get it right in camera. I develop using the techniques available to a traditional film dark room when processing my images because I am attracted to images that look authentic, honest. I dislike overly airbushed images and avoid using it on my images.”

Many of Chris’ projects are extensions of his personal view of the world and people in it. Often they are sombre in nature and although there may be a intimate connection it is often held at arms length. Commission wise he is more interested in photographing new dynamic themes rather than straight forward, 2 dimensional commercial fashion projects. 

A graduate of Medical Biology BSc (Hons) but has been photographing since very young. Starting in 1990 on 35mm film and finally converting to Digital in 2002. Out of all the disciplines he enjoys people photography most.

Tigz Rice

Tigz Rice is a Photographer, Retoucher and Self-Confessed Lingerie Addict based in Hertfordshire, UK.
As a Photographer, she is constantly looking to push through creative boundaries and challenge herself to innovate and grow as a creative.  Tigz Rice Studios was founded in 2009 where she has found her niche in the burlesque and cabaret industry photographing many well known stars including queen of the showgirls, Immodesty Blaize, and working with high profile companies such as Agent Provocater and What Katie Did.  Tigz's signature style has evolved throughout the years to lend elements of vintage glamour and theatrical grandeur to the world of haute couture, contour fashion and luxury lingerie. 

Tigz Rice Studios

Jane Hillier-Walkowiak - JanesCorsetsTigz-Rice-Studios-Conference-Corsetry-2017-2017-7.jpg

Emma Finch - Belle Privé Photography

Emma Finch is an award-winning and internationally published Photographer, who specialises in female portraiture, boudoir, vintage fashion and burlesque. She has had her work featured in numerous publications including multiple international front covers. With a wealth of experience in lighting and posing along with an innate ability to quickly put women at ease, Emma's skill shows in the images she produces.

Belle Privé Photography

mina corset looking down.jpg

How it works

After booking you'll be notified when the slots are open and asked to nominate your preferred model and the slots will then be allocated on a first come, first served basis to give everyone a chance. The measurements of the models will be supplied well enough in advance for you to make something which will fit and suit the model you're shooting with. Most of the models will fit standard sizes so don't worry too much about that. The main aim is to give you the chance to see your work shot professionally on a professional model in a wonderful location.
On the day there will be a small charge to be paid directly to the model. Afterwards you can liase directly with the photographer to choose your favourite images for which he will charge an agreed amount per final edited image.