Professional shots from OCOC over the years

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Antique corset collections

We always have an antique collection at OCOC because so much can be learned from seeing the originals! In 2017, we were lucky to be the host of the first ever live exhibition of The Underpinnings Museum collection of antique corsets and corset related lingerie, which was brought to the Conference by Karolina Laskowska. All pictures in the gallery below are copyright to Laurie Tavan and Alison Campbell. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Classes and the JCR

Saturdays and Sundays at OCOC are packed with workshops and talks about corsetry. It literally is ‘Corset Heaven’. Last year we were treated to talks from Barbara Pesendorfer (Royal Black), Laurie Tavan, Karolina Laskowska (Underpinnings Museum), Marianne Faulkner (Dark Garden/Pop Antique), Gerry Quinton (Morua Designs/Department of Curiosities), Catherine Clavering (Kiss Me Deadly) and Mike Stevenson (Thinktastic). The JCR is “Junior Common Room” and is a communal area where we gather for refreshments, small talks, sewing (there’s a sewing machine room) and swapping from the swap table. In college speak, the Junior Common Room is where undergraduates gather. Post graduates have the ‘MCR’ - Middle Common Room, and Fellows have the “SCR” - Senior Common Room. The SCR is like a posh club with it’s own staff, menus and wine lists. Oxford is a different world - just like Lewis Carrol depicted in Alice in Wonderland. Images are copyright to Laurie Tavan, Alison Campbell, Julia Bremble. Please do not reproduce without permission.

The Full “Oxford”

At OCOC, Saturday night is spent socialising, chatting with old friends, making new friends, having fun and doing the full “Oxford”. We have Pimms on the Quod followed by a formal dinner in Hall. In Oxford, each college has a spectacular dining hall where all meals are taken by students. This room is referred to simply as “Hall”. Dinner during the OCOC17 event was as spectacular as ever! Everyone dresses up and looks fantastic! After dinner, we go to the ‘Fourth Quod” which is the underground bar at Jesus. So much fun!

All pictures in the gallery below are copyright to Laurie Tavan and Alison Campbell and shown here with kind permission. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Fun, frolicks and friendships!

Many famous friendships through time have started at Oxford amongst groups of kindred spirits. The one we identify most with is the group known as “The Inklings”. The Inklings was a literary discussion group who’s members included the great writers J R Tolkein and C S Lewis. We like to call ourselves “The Busklings” and this was a phrase coined for us after the 2014 Conference by Kirk Whitmer (Deux Lunes Corsets). Back to corsets - There were many corsetieres who had only ever met online before the OCOC. The Conference changed all that. Corset makers from all over the world came together to meet at Jesus, discuss and share their corsetty conundrums, and bond over shared interests. The Conference of Corsetry has truly brought the worldwide corset making community together and Jesus has been a place that has facilitated the mass meeting of like minds and inspiration, so much so, that returners literally feel like they have come ‘home’ when they come to OCOC. Since the first conference in 2013, the standard of modern corsetry has gone up exponentially. We put this down to a very friendly ‘rivalry’ which comes from being able to see eachother’s work in person, to share and learn together and to push ourselves forward in a way that simply cannot happen electronically! So at OCOC, we have classes and workshops, we have a posh dinner and unique surroundings. We also have parties either side of the conference where more corset related fun is had - not to mention copious amounts of GIN! Here’s just a small flavour of the other ‘shernanigins’ that happen during that wondering Bank Holiday Weekend in August, in Oxford, every two years. Come and join us for 2019!

Jesus College - Our beautiful and unique venue

Previous years at OCOC

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BANNER PHOTO CREDIT: Corset by Wyte Phanton. Modelled by It's Jess. Copyright Chris Murray 2015