A page for all the information you could possibly need, which isn't listed elsewhere.  This is comprised mainly of information given out in the Facebook group over the last few years and collected here in one place for easy reference.  If you haven't joined the Facebook Group, just send a request now.

Other accommodation options in Oxford

There are 39 colleges and halls in Oxford most of which offer B&B in the summer. You can find options on the College Rooms website. Just put the dates in and it will show you the options and prices. Some colleges don't release availability until the term prior to the holiday and all colleges set their own B&B rates based on their facilities etc., so there are options other than than Jesus if you can be bothered to cart your luggage around.

University Rooms
an online booking service for rooms in colleges in Oxford if you choose not to stay at Jesus either side of the conference.

Oxford Youth Hostel
If you're on a very tight budget, the youth hostel is a 5 minute walk from the city centre and is clean and servicable.

Things to do in Oxford (click titles for links)

Colleges to visit
Of the 39 historical colleges and halls in Oxford many have famous architecuture, alumni or artefacts. Some colleges are open most of the time during vacations but some are only open at select times.  If there is a college you particularly want to visit, please get in touch with them directly to find out their opening times.  Each college has it's own unique features, for example:
Keble College - the original inspiration for Hogwarts Hall, and also home of the famous "Light of the World" painting by Pre-Raphaelite artist Holman Hunt.
Chirstchurch College - home of the famous moving Hogwarts Staircase and also lays claim to being "hogwarts hall" however, Universal Pictures made up their own hall based on this and the Hall at Keble.
St Catherine's College - yes the same 'St Catherine' that the fire work is named after, is a modern Oxford College designed by famed architect Arne Jacobson.  If concrete architecture is your thing, then dont miss a visit to St Catz.
Merton College - home of the famous "stone table" where the Lion Aslan was killed in Narnia.
New College - the oldest college in Oxford, where CS Lewis was based.

Museums, libraries and other places of interest
From the ancient to the macabre to the arts and science, there's a museum for every taste in Oxford, notably:

The Bodlein Library often has free exhibitions, and there is a cafe and shop in their newly refurbished centre on Broad Street.
The Ashmolean Museum has a world class selection of art along with the usual selection of antiquities and curiosities
The Pitts Rivers Museum is a total must for anybody interested in Anthropology. Famous for their selection of shrunken heads!
The Science Museum - does what it says on the tin

Oxford City Guide
Shopping, eating and other points of local interest are all covered here

Travelling to Oxford - extra information

Oxford is literally in the centre of England and very easy to reach by road, rail air.  The following links will provide all the information you need:

Information on travelling to Oxford with links from The University of Oxford website:

Information on travelling to Oxford from all parts of the UK from the Oxford website

This is a good general guide to train travel in the UK (and everywhere else)

Remember advance train tickets can only be purchased a maximum of 12 weeks before the date of travel.  If anybody is travelling by train from London or similar, you want to book your train tickets as far in advance as possible to get the cheapest tickets. The tickets are inflexible but the difference between paying £5 or £20 makes it worth it   Do not use the booking service "Trainline" because they charge commission/booking fee. Instead use either First Great Western (their website is vile) or National Rail Enquiries.

BANNER IMAGE CREDIT: Jesus College rooftops, Copyright Julia Bremble 2017