Behind the scenes at OCOC

(Taken from the OCOC Facebook page)

Today I thought I’d talk a wee bit about the behind the scenes of the conference and big up our boss lady, as she won’t do it herself 

The planning for this year started immediately after last years. We were so full of enthusiasm that the ideas were flowing fast, and in fact now there are already ideas on the go for next year, and plans being put in place. One of the wonderful things about OCOC is that we have such a tight little team. Julia is the boss it’s Julia’s conference and it’s her many, many, many years (a many too many? I’ll get my backside kicked for that haha) experience in the hospitality and conference industries linked of course with her experience as a corsetiere and as an unsurpassable teacher of corsetry that makes her uniquely able to work her way through the logistics and details to create an amazing conference. Having been party to some of the planning I know I couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t know where to start with some of the less obvious elements. It’s utterly daunting, believe me. But our Julia has done it while making it outwardly look like there’s nothing to it, which is most definitely not the case. And after all any grey hairs gained in the process are easily hidden.

Behind Julia is our little core team of friends and co-horts. Gerry, Jenni, Marianne and me (Alison).. Between us we have a fair whack of experience we can throw in to the mix. Not just in corsetry, and in our own corsetry businesses but in teaching and training, modelling, art, graphics and publishing. We also have different but complimentary interests in corsetry, from Jenni’s highly embellished art pieces to Marianne’s passion for quality ready to wear. But perhaps even more importantly we’re all friends and are all invested in building a supportive team that works together to produce this fab event. Having this tight team enables us to come up with a programme that exploits our own strengths, and very importantly, that we’ll enjoy sharing with you. Enthusiasm, our enthusiasm is vital.

What has been really exciting is seeing new people come into the fold and increase their involvement. Ian Frazer Wallace, our wonderful speaker from last year, (who along with the whirlwind of charisma that is Polly Fey made last year’s Saturday night a joy) will continue being part of OCOC Our wonderful models, headed up by boss model Morgana are a vital and glamorous part of the weekend, and our photographers of course. This year we’ll have the amazing Autumn Adame with us as speaker which is a treat we’re all looking forward to!

I can’t fail to mention the staff at Jesus College, especially the indispensable Luke. I think everyone who was there last year can testify to him being an absolute gem among men, as well as an outnumbered man among corset makers! The gorgeous, historic, idyllic venue is such a core part of the conference and the super-helpful team there help to make it that way. Then there are our fab and generous sponsors of course! And I think Julia’s husband Paul deserves a wee mention too for his support, as well as a fair bit of fetching and carrying!

So as you can see, it takes quite a few committed people, a shedload of skill and experience and a lot of love, passion and enthusiasm to bring you OCOC, and it’s what goes a long way to making it, not only the first of it’s kind, but truly inimitable.And you know what goes the rest of the way to doing that? You guys! Our wonderful attendees, whose skills, talents, warmth and again, enthusiasm were wonderful to behold last year. Here’s to 2014 and and beyond.(oops, didn’t mention the gin makers, they deserve some credit too!)

Alison (Crikey Aphrodite)