Ongoing Information for OCOC19

Please check here regularly for  updates to the plans which are time sensitive or which we need to draw your attention to.  This will include accommodation codes when they become available, special offers for attendees, and local information.  Please check regularly after March 2019.


If you have signed up to come to OCOC and have selected to pay by installments you will receive invoices at least 10 days before they are due for payment. Please pay your invoices by the date due. Your place at OCOC is not guaranteed until payment is made in full.

Invoices due by end July will be sent out in the next few days (update: 17 July)

Other communications

We are trying to cut down on admin time and personal communications, hence this page.  However we do sometimes need to get in touch with individuals. Please make sure you are receiving our emails by authorising our email address - in your inbox so that things don't go to spam or junk mail folders.

Email Updates have been sent as follows - click on each update to view:

Update 1 - 27 February - modelling slots

Update 2 - 19 March - galleries and sharing

Update 3 - 17 May - welcome

Update 4 - 28 May - final modelling slots, swap table, invoices

Update 5 - 17 July - Summary of all the info, invoices, model change.

Facebook Group

Please don't forget to join our lovely Facebook group - settings are open for a limited time before we put it back to being secret.  In this group you will find a lovely community full of kindred spirits and people who just want to be friends with you!  Click HERE to access and ask to join.  The Facebook group is a safe space where people can discuss corsetty conundrums privately and liaise over conference logistics - what's going on before/after/during and things like lift sharing, travelling together etc.,  If you can't find the group, please send an email - we sometimes have to make the group secret due to spam requests!  PLEASE if you have a pseudonym, let me know by email.  I simply will not approve any requests to join unless I know for sure who you are.  If your name doesn't match your payment details, then you will be declined unless you have told me by email, differently.

Modelling slots

There are only a couple of slots available - please email us at for further details, or complete the waiting list form on the modelling info page - click the pic for more.

For those who have booked a model, please ensure that you bring the right cash for each slot on the day.

Nudity is not allowed ANYWHERE on College grounds, and that includes the use of Pasties. Please respect the fact that we are shooting in an internationally renowned location which we do not want to bring into a perceived disrepute.

Update: 1 August ‘19: Our modeling slots have filled up incredibly quickly. Alison will keep you notified of any changes, such as cancelled slots. We don't get many of those but sometimes there's the odd one. However there are people still signing up.

Do remember that a huge part of the conference is the networking. If you haven't been able to get a slot with your preferred model, or if you really like the look of models other than the one you've booked, then speak to them about doing something in future. Models are there to network too and I'm sure will be delighted to discuss future work with you.

Accommodation either side of the conference.

The code for Friday and Sunday night rooms either side of the conference is KX47355

In order to access room availability, visit and type in the code KX47355 in the promotional code box, before selecting dates.

If you require both the Friday and Sunday nights, you should do this as two separate bookings (the Saturday night is not available online as it is reserved to the main event!).

Please note the rooms only show to us once the code has been typed in

Food at Jesus

All people with special diets are catered for, breakfast lunch and dinner.  For all meals except Saturday night dinner, you collect food from the servery (this will become apparent when you get to Jesus).  Gluten free, and vegans and other special diets must ASK for their food as it is kept under the counter so that you are guaranteed a meal.  Please don't forget to do this and if any problems, tell one of the team (Julia/Gerry/Alison) who will sort it out for you.

Follow the Vikings!


Secret Gin Party

We are having a MEET AND GREET at 6pm FRIDAY 23 August in the Fellows Room. This is in the far corner of the Second Quad - staircase 11, first floor. Bring GIN! (it's a secret gin swap party!) - nibbles and tonic provided! Rum welcome (its just brown gin really!)

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 15.25.22.png

Swap Table

Please bring something for the OCOC Swap table. This should be something from your fabric/notions/trims stash that you no longer have need of but that someone else may appreciate. These could be decent size bits of fabric, enough trim for a corset or section of a corset, unusual embellishments etc.,

Many treasures have been found over the years on the OCOC swap table so don’t be mean ! You will find something of value there to we promise!


Julia will bring pre-orders for cash to the Conference. If you would like to order specific items for 10% discount, please follow the instructions below, and bring cash with you.

Corsetry supplies for delivery at OCOC.

  1. Code is (imaginatively) OCOC19

  2. Apply this code at checkout to get 10% discount off supplies

  3. This is for CASH SALES only - either pay by BACS (UK peeps) or bring cash to the conference

  4. Min order is £40 for the 10% discount

  5. Place your order via the website in the usual way - when you get to the checkout, select "Pay by Bacs" as your payment option and leave a note in the 'special instructions' that you want to collect at OCOC.

  6. The checkout then will not ask for your card payment details.

  7. Note the total amount excluding postage, and either transfer the cash via the bank account (easier for UK peeps) or bring the cash amount with you in ££££.

  8. Your order will be available for collection at OCOC.

  9. Offer open to anybody coming to Oxford (Friday night dinner), or with a friend coming - so if you are coming to oxford and can collect for a friend as well as yourself, then that's fine, just place two separate orders and let me know in the comments that you'll collect it for xxx.

  10. Any questions, just ask.

In addition, Julia will bring a box of ‘roll ends’ - this will be odd bundles of coutil, boning, and tapes/bindings which would normally go on Etsy. At OCOC there will be a 15% discount for cash sales only. (list soon to be published)

Also don’t forget the swap table (details above).