OCOC 2019 Programme

We have many exciting presentations planned for 2019. This year we’re paying particular attention to shape across time and gender.  With some additional topics too.  There will be workshops for those wishing to hone their skills and learn new things, some help and advice for those of you running businesses and lots of fun activities too.  Here's a run down of what's planned right now, but there are more guests to confirm - we'll be adding more as we go on.

So this year we have this wonderful lot…

Luca Costigliolo

From historical reproduction to modern couture, stays never lose their appeal. But they can be daunting for many of us. There is no better person than Luca Costigliolo to take the fear out of them. Some of you may already have Patterns of Fashion 5: The Content, Cut, Construction & Context of Bodies, Stays, Hoops & Rumps c.1595-1795,. .. all of you will after this.

Anthony Ladd Canney - House of Canney

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Anthony Ladd Canney for the first time to Oxford. He has been at the forefront of corsetry for men for some time now, as well as creating amazing corsets for performers. He has a glittering list of clients, including Violet Chachki. He’ll be talking about corsetting the male figure. A subject not often covered, but frequently asked for.

Marianne Faulkner - Pop Antique / Dark Garden

We are delighted that Marianne Faulkner of Pop Antique/Dark Garden will be back talking about her thing. Ribbon Corsets! In her presentation, Marianne will talk about the history of ribbon corsets, the fundamentals of how they work and what is special about them and she will spotlight several different patterning and construction approaches along with some of her favorite examples both historic and contemporary. 

Alison Campbell of Crikey Aphrodite

After having the amazing opportunity a few years ago to study and copy some Dior underpinnings, Alison would love to share her findings on the Couture Corselette with you all. So she’ll be taking some time out of her organising duties to chat to you about a topic of constant interest. As useful to gown designers as corsetmakers.

Stephanie Selmayr - Past Pleasures

We got a look at some examples of Steph’s amazing collection two conferences ago, and now she’ll be back with more goodies for you to drool (not literally please!) over. And of course she will also be on hand to share her considerable expertise in historic costume with you all.

Ian Frazer Wallace - Whitechapel Workhouse

Last but certainly not least, our after dinner speaker will be the lovely, constant friend of OCOC, Ian Frazer Wallace. We’re looking forward to catching up with the many exciting things that he’s been doing since we last saw him.

Full bios are on the Fellows and Associates page

More to be announced…