Corset Makers from around the world attend Oxford Conference of Corsetry to share ideas, learn techniques and network with like minds.  Progress in the art and ongoing training is an automatic by product of such an event,  and this in turn ensures that the work of participants is progressive and modern whilst still employing the best of technologies from past masters.    Continued professional development is acheived by corsetieres who are willing to explore their boundaries, invest in their future, and accept that learning is a lifelong pleasure with the goal of always striving for excellence.  The work of such dedicated corset makers is not common so we have created our own directory of corsetieres that have attended OCOC and we feel this can be viewed as a new Guild of Corsetry - a measure of excellence within the craft.  Below is a list of corsetiers who have attended OCOC and who are currently accepting commissions.  Click each picture for further information.

disclaimer:  This is a list of corsetiers who have requested inclusion in the OCOC Corsetiers Directory.  Not all conference delegates are professional corset makers or listed here. OCOC does not guarantee the service or products of any maker listed in the directory. 

BANNER PHOTO CREDIT: Outfit by Cristina Aielli Modelled by Threnody In Velvet Copyright Tigz RIce Studios 2015