Ongoing Information for OCOC16

Please check here regularly for  updates to the plans which are time sensitive or which we need to draw your attention to.  This will include accommodation codes when they become available, special offers for attendees, and local information.  Please check regularly after March 2016.


If you have signed up to come to OCOC and have selected to pay by instalments this is the routine:

BACS payments:  You will have been sent a single invoice with 4 instalments with dates due.  Please set up a standing order with your bank to cover your remaining payments.  This is easy for you and easy for us.  If you need to negotiate payment dates, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me either via the contact page on this website or directly at

Paypal Payments:  You will receive monthly invoices around a week before payment is due.  Please check your inbox at these times.

Other communications

We are trying to cut down on admin time and personal communications, hence this page.  However we do sometimes need to get in touch with individuals. Please make sure you are receiving our emails by authorising our email address - in your inbox so that things don't go to spam or junk mail folders.

Facebook Group

Please don't forget to join our lovely Facebook group - settings are open for a limited time before we put it back to being secret.  In this group you will find a lovely community full of kindred spirits and people who just want to be friends with you!  Click HERE to access and ask to join.  The Facebook group is a safe space where people can discuss corsetty conundrums privately and liaise over conference logistics - what's going on before/after/during and things like lift sharing, travelling together etc.,  If you can't find the group, please send an email - we sometimes have to make the group secret due to spam requests!  PLEASE if you have a psuydonum, let me know by email.  I simply will not approve any requests to join unless I know for sure who you are.  If your name doesn't match your payment details, then you will be declined unless you have told me by email, differently.

Modelling slots

Modelling slots are now bookable by clicking HERE. 

Accommodation either side of the conference.

Click HERE.  Enter the dates you would like either side of the conference.  Do not include the Saturday night or the form will not work.  Use the promotion code OCOC17 to get your special rate.

Caroline Woolin's CAD workshop

If you plan to attend Caroline's workshop on CAD patterning for corsetry, please bring your laptop already loaded with the software DRAFTSIGHT available from the link below.  You will also need a mouse with right click button - a track pad will not do the job.  If you do not have a laptop, Caroline will be demonstrating on hers via a projector and you can take notes.
You will need:

  1. Link to download Draftsight - HERE 
  2. .dwg template to draft directly into during the workshop - HERE.
  3. Excel spread sheets downloadable - HERE
  4. Laptop computer with mouse
  5. Your set of measurements - bust, under bust, desired waist, upper hip, lower hip in cm or inches.

Second Modelling Slots

These are now available with Miss Deadly Red, Morgana, Lexy Lu and Miss Kelly Bakewell.  If you have not already booked a slot, or if you would like an additional slot with any of these lovely ladies, please book HERE.  Second slots will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Don't forget, you have to pay £30 cash directly to each model you work with, and the resulting images are also £30 per image.  

Underpinnings Museum Offer

The Underpinnings Museum are offering you the chance to have your best work photographed at OCOC for a later exhibition in the museum which will focus on innovative examples of contemporary corsetry by modern makers.   Photoshoot participants will be able to have a single garment photographed in the studio-setting museum ‘product photography’ style by Tigz Rice Studios and will receive 8 high-resolution images for personal and professional use.  The shoot will take place on Saturday 26 August at Jesus College and each slot will cost £120.  The cost includes set up, 8 images and usage rights, although copyright of the images will remain with Tigz Rice and the Underpinnings Museum.  Please note that the price covers museum costs only and is not for profit.
Inclusion in the exhibition is by invitation following a screening process.  Your application should be submitted via the form below and will be followed up by email directly from The Underpinnings Museum.  Your application does not guarantee a place in the exhibition and accepted entries are not guaranteed until full payment has been made following selection.  There will be a separate list of Terms and Conditions supplied by The Museum upon acceptance of your entry.  This offer is not included with the cost of your OCOC registration,  nor does OCOC or Sew Curvy Limited have any affiliation with the Underpinnings Museum or the project. 

Please complete the form below by Friday 30 June 2017.  Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.  Selections will be made when all applications are received and you will receive confirmation of selection by 31 July 2017 whereupon separate instructions for payment and terms and conditions will be issued.

Name *
Please tell us when you established your brand / business
Please give us a brief description of your brand style and aesthetic
Please describe the corset you are submitting including materials, inspiration if applicable, reasons for submission and year it was made
Please supply links to images of the corset you are submitting for consideration. If the corset is still under construction, please let us know so that we may follow up later. If you do not have digital storage links, please let us know and we will let you know where to send images.
Carriage and return *
If you are not attending OCOC your item must be sent to the event at your own expense and returned to you at your own expense. This may be arranged through Sew Curvy or a friend / collegue attending the event. It is your responsiblity to ensure that all carriage/custom/insurance costs are paid and that the receiver/sender is aware of your intentions

LEXY LU - live fittings

Lexy Lu will be available for toile fittings on Sunday 27 August.  This is a brilliant opportuntity to practice some extreme fitting!  If you would like a slot with her, please email us by 30 July 2017.